No matter where you are in your career, earning the APICS CSCP certification will demonstrate your mastery of essential supply chain concepts and ability to streamline supply chain operations.

The APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional, (CSCP) is designed to help you master end-to-end supply chain. You will learn core concepts in supply chain management, strategy, design, compliance, and operations.

Corporate Benefits

  • Aligning global supply chain activities with business objectives to streamline operations and drive profits 

  • Creating common understanding, vocabulary, processes and frameworks within their entity to address their supply chain challenges and opportunities

  • Enabling interdepartmental engagement using a foundation based on global standards

  • Boosting productivity, collaboration and innovation – when organizations focus on supply chain excellence, they can achieve 70 percent higher performance

Individual Benefits

  • Boost your confidence with recognition as a supply chain expert.

  • Master the knowledge most important to expert supply chain professionals as defined by the most current APICS Global Job Task Analysis.

  • Expand your outlook on the supply chain field and bring new ideas to your workplace. Remain current with supply chain trends and developments.

  • Demonstrate your long-term commitment to the supply chain profession.

Why you should earn  the CSCP Certification

  • Increase your salary - on average designees see a 27% increase

  • Improve your hiring potential by 65%

  • Maximize your organization’s ERP investments

  • Effectively manage global end-to-end supply chain activities

  • Increase your professional value and secure your future

What Will You Learn in APICS CSCP

  • Supply Chain Design

  • Supply Chain Planning and Execution

  • Supply Chain Improvement and Best Practices

The program is designed for:

Supply chain managers, Materials managers, Operations managers, Supply chain analysts, Consultants



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14 Nov 2022 to 24 Nov 2022
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