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RACI Matrix : practical tools for self-assessment (a complete guide - 2021 edition

by The Art of Service  

This RACI Matrix Guide is unlike books you're used to. If you're looking for a textbook, this is not for you. This book and its included digital components is for you who understands the importance of asking great questions. This gives you the questions to uncover the RACI Matrix challenges you're facing and generate better solutions to solve those problems.

Defining, designing, creating, and implementing a process to solve a challenge or meet an objective is the most valuable role... in EVERY group, company, organization and department. Unless you're talking a one time, single-use project, there should be a process. That process needs to be designed by someone with a complex enough perspective to ask the right questions. Someone capable of asking the right questions and step back and say, "What are we really trying to accomplish here? And is there a different way to look at it? This self-assessment empowers people to do just that - whether their little is entrepreneur, manager, consultant, (Vice-) President, CxO etc... -they are the people who rule the future. They are the person who asks the right questions to make RACI Matrix investments work better.

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Ketidakpastian Pengujian : mendukung penerapan ISO/IEC 17025:2017

by Anwar Hadi

Kegiatan pengujian adalah proses mengaitkan angka secara empiri dan objektif pada sifat-sifat objek sehingga angka yang diperoleh dapat menggambarkan dengan jelas mengenai objek tersebut. Pada umumnya, hasil dari suatu pengujian hanyalah suatu taksiran atau perkiraan karena pada kegiatan pengujian terkandung kesalahan sistematik maupun kesalahan acak. Oleh karena itu, hasil pengujian hanya lengkap apabila disertai dengan nilai ketidakpastian pengujian sehingga dapat menunjukkan derajat ketelitian dan bermakna secara ilmiah.

Ketidakpastian adalah parameter yang berhubungan dengan hasil suatu pengujian yang memberikan gambaran penyebaran dari nilai pengujian tersebut. Estimasi ketidakpastian harus diterapkan untuk semua jenis pengujian agar dapat menunjukkan derajat ketelitian hasil pengujian. Di sisi lain, perhitungan ketidakpastian untuk memenuhi persyaratan ISO/IEC 17025:2017 tentang Persyaratan Umum Kompetensi Laboratorium Pengujian dan Laboratorium Kalibrasi. Buku Ketidakpastian Pengujian - Mendukung Penerapan ISO/IEC 17025:2017 ini dapat digunakan oleh llaboratorium lingkungan, laboratorium klinik, laboratorium makanan dan minuman, serta laboratorium sipil dan laboratorium biologi dalam menerapkan perhitungan ketidakpastian pengujian.

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Validasi & verifikasi metode uji : sesuai dengan ISO/IEC 17025 laboratorium pengujian dan kalibrasi

by Riyanto

Laboratorium harus menggunakan metode dan prosedur yang sesuai untuk semua pengujian dan aatau kalibrasi di dalam lingkupnya. Hal tersebut mencakup pengambilan sampel, penanganan transportasi, penyimpanan dan penyiapan barang, untuk diuji dan atau kalibrasi dan bila sesuai perkiraan dari ketidakpastian pengukuran serta teknik statistik untuk menganalisis data pengujian dan atau kalibrasi. Laboratorium harus memiliki instruksi penggunaan dan pengoperasian semua peralatan yang relevan, dan penanganan serta penyiapan barang yang diuji dan atau dikalibrasi, atau kedua-duanya bila ketiadaan instruksi yang dimaksud dapat merusak hasil pengujian dan atau kalibrasi.

Buku ini dimaksudkan untuk membekali mahasiswa dan tenaga laboratorium untuk mempermudah dalam melakikan validasi metode uji. Beberapa materi yang disampaikan dilengkapi dengan contoh-contoh hasil penelitian.

Bab yang dibahas dalam buku ini antara lain tentang validasi dan verifikasi, presisi dan akurasi, linearitas dan daerah kerja, limit deteksi (LOD) dan dan limit kuantisasi (LOQ), ketahanan dan ketangguhan metode uji dan estimasi ketidakpastian pengukuran.

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Serba-Serbi Competency Model Development di Bhumi Jepara Service 
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Competency dapat diartikan sebagai kumpulan dan kombinasi dari pengetahuan, keterampilan dan karakteristik seseorang, dimana kombinasi tadi berperan dalam keberhasilan seseorang dalam menjalankan tugasnya di sebuah organisasi. BJS sebagai organisasi mencoba untuk melakukan seleksi untuk mengetahui kompetensi apa saja yang relevan dan apabila dikembangkan dapat meningkatkan kinerja organisasi. Berdasarkan kebutuhan BJS tersebut, PQM hadir membantu dalam melakukan identifikasi dan mengembangkan kompetensi melalui serangkaian aktivitas konsultansi yang disebut competency model development.     

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Serangkaian proses panjang dilalui oleh konsultan PQM untuk membantu BJS mulai dari identifikasi kompetensi yang dibutuhkan sampai menentukan metode development yang tepat untuk karyawan BJS. Pada akhirnya, output yang diberikan PQM kepada BJS menghasilkan kamus kompetensi, matrix kompetensi untuk tiap jabatan yang ada di BJS, form evaluasi yang membantu BJS dalam evaluasi secara mandiri terhadap karyawannya, serta beberapa output lainnya. Dan tentunya akan banyak dibahas tantangan yang dihadapi dalam menjalani rangkaian proses tersebut, serta bagaimana konsultan berkoordinasi dengan internal BJS agar proyek tetap dapat berjalan baik.

 Play - Eps.2 (15 min)    

Pada tiap proyek yang dijalani tentunya akan ada lesson learned yang didapat oleh PQM. Pak IR dan Ci DAS mencoba berbagi beberapa pengalaman ketika bekerjasama dan memenuhi kebutuhan klien yang sangat detail dalam menyusun kompetensi. Tidak hanya itu, bagaimana cara kerja dan ekspektasi klien juga menjadi hal yang dibahas agar dapat menjadi pelajaran bagi rekan-rekan PQM lainnya.  
Play - Eps.3 (15 min)


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Harvard Business Review July-August 2022 Issue

What You're Getting Wrong About Customer Journey They shouldn't always be effortless or predictable

The C-Suite Skills That Matter Most More than ever, companies need leaders who are good with people.

Leadership in a Politically Charged Age What social psychology and relationship science can teach us about conflict in the workplace--and how to manage it.

A Seat at the Table Is Not Enough Corporate boards are more diverse than ever before. So why aren't firms seeing the expected results?

Identifying Unmet Needs in a Digital Age A four-part framework for diversifying how and where you look.

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Quality Progress August 2022 Issue

Leaving a Paper Trail A new assessment method provides a big assisst with its systematics approach for auditing ISO9001:2015 implementation.

Remote Audit Blueprints Tips on building an effectiveremote quality system audit.

On the Brink? Advice on rejuvenating the ways organizations approach and implement ISO 9001 to sustain QMS activities over the long haul.

Sorting Out Options A comprehensive look at selecting the right statistical software for lifetime data analytics.

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Playing to Win: How strategy really works (2013)

Author: A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin

Playing to Win outlines the strategic approach Lafley, in close partnership with strategic adviser Roger Martin, used to double P&G’s sales, quadruple its profits, and increase its market value by more than $100 billion when Lafley was first CEO (he led the company from 2000 to 2009). The audiobook shows leaders in any type of organization how to guide everyday actions with larger strategic goals built around the clear, essential elements that determine business success—where to play and how to win

Lafley and Martin have created a set of five essential strategic choices that, when addressed in an integrated way, will move you ahead of your competitors. They are: (1) What is our winning aspiration? (2) Where will we play? (3) How will we win? (4) What capabilities must we have in place to win? (5) What management systems are required to support our choices? The result is a playbook for winning. The stories of how P&G repeatedly won by applying this method to iconic brands such as Olay, Bounty, Gillette, Swiffer, and Febreze clearly illustrate how deciding on a strategic approach—and then making the right choices to support it—makes the difference between just playing the game and actually winning. Playing to Win outlines a proven method that has worked for some of today’s most celebrated brands and products. Let this audiobook serve as your new guide to winning, as well.

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Your Strategy Needs A Strategy: How to choose and execute the right approach (2015)

Author : Martin Reeves, 

Boost the effectiveness and the quality of your creative thinking with these simple, evidence-based strategies. This book will guide you through the stages of the creative process, from idea generation to effective work habits. All of the strategies are rooted in cutting-edge cognitive science. They can be applied to artistic pursuits such as writing and painting, and also to business, hobbies, and much more. Divide into two section: "thoughts and ideas" and "craft and habits". This practical guide will help you unlock your creative potential.

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Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis : A practical introduction to business analysis

Author : Cliff T. Rigsdale (2017)

Valuable software, realistic examples, clear writing, and fascinating topics help you master key spreadsheet and business analytics skills with SPREADSHEET MODELING AND DECISION ANALYSIS, 8E. You’ll find everything you need to become proficient in today’s most widely used business analytics techniques using Microsoft® Office Excel® 2016. Author Cliff Ragsdale -- respected innovator in business analytics -- guides you through the skills you need, using the latest Excel® for Windows. You gain the confidence to apply what you learn to real business situations with step-by-step instructions and annotated screen images that make examples easy to follow. The World of Management Science sections further demonstrates how each topic applies to a real company. Each new edition includes extended trial licenses for Analytic Solver Platform and XLMiner with powerful simulation and optimization tools for descriptive and prescriptive analytics and a full suite of tools for data mining in Excel.

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Business Analytics : communicating with numbers

Author : Sanjiv Jaggia, et. al. (2021)

Business Analytics: Communicating with Numbers  was written from the ground up to prepare students to understand, manage, and visualize the data, apply the appropriate tools, and communicate the findings and their relevance. Unlike other texts that simply repackage statistics and traditional operations research topics, this text seamlessly threads the topics of data wrangling, descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics into a cohesive whole. It provides a holistic analytics process, including dealing with real life data that are not necessarily 'clean' and/or 'small' and stresses the importance of effectively communicating findings by including features such as a synopsis (a short writing sample) and a sample report (a longer writing sample) in every chapter. These features help students develop skills in articulating the business value of analytics by communicating insights gained from a non-technical standpoint.


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The Art of Data Science : A guide for anyone who works with data (2015) 

Author :  Roger D. Peng

Data analysis is a difficult process largely because few people can describe exactly how to do it. It's not that there aren't any people doing data analysis on a regular basis. It's that the process by which we state a question, explore data, conduct formal modeling, interpret results, and communicate findings, is a difficult process to generalize and abstract. Fundamentally, data analysis is an art. It is not yet something that we can easily automate. Data analysts have many tools at their disposal, from linear regression to classification trees to random forests, and these tools have been carefully implemented on computers. But ultimately, it takes a data analyst - a person - to find a way to assemble all of the tools and apply them to data to answer a question of interest to people.

This book writes down the process of data analysis with a minimum of technical detail. What the authors describe is not a specific "formula" for data analysis, but rather is a general process that can be applied in a variety of situations. Through their extensive experience both managing data analysts and conducting our own data analyses, we have carefully observed what produces coherent results and what fails to produce useful insights into data. This book is a distillation of our experience in a format that is applicable to both practitioners and managers in data science.

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The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design (2015)

Author :

Embracing human-centered design means believing that all problems, even the seemingly intractable ones like poverty, gender equality, and clean water, are solvable. Moreover, it means believing that the people who face those problems every day are the ones who hold the key to their answer. Human-centered design offers problem solvers of any stripe a chance to design with communities, to deeply understand the people they're looking to serve, to dream up scores of ideas, and to create innovative new solutions rooted in people's actual needs.

A full-color, 192-page book, the Field Guide comes with 57 design methods, the key mindsets that underpin how and why believes design can change lives, a full slate of worksheets, and case studies from projects that show human-centered design in action.

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